M for Men - All In - Clear

M for Men - All In - Clear

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Part Number:BL-06512
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Our #1 Bestselling Pocket Masturbator

Multiple Chambers, Designed with Unique Shapes and Structures, Each Creating a Different Erotic Sensation

Sexy, Vulva-Shaped Insertion Hole is Soft and Yielding, One Size Fits All

Soft X5 Material, Open Ended and Easy to Clean

Made from Body Safe Materials and Meets or Exceeds International Safety Standards as Set Forth by CE and RoHS Directives. Phthalate and Latex Free.
Don’t do anything half way—go ALL IN! This sexy stroker features 3 chambers of suction and sensation, mimicking the hottest lips, mouth, and throat you can image. Made of soft X5, and created with multiple chambers. Each chamber is designed with unique shapes and structures, creating a different erotic sensation as you stroke. The clear chamber also means you can watch your cock being completely engulfed as you dive deep. Open ended sleeve means it can be used with a partner, you can insert a vibrating bullet in the end, and it’s easy to clean.