Noje - 18 Piece PDQ/POS Display

Noje - 18 Piece PDQ/POS Display

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Phthalate Free:



A beautifully designed refillable acrylic display is the perfect way to merchandise high end luxury products like our Noje Wands. With the 3 included free testers this is an interactive display with key features clearly indicated on the display. The display has a small narrow footprint. Noje Display includes: 1 pc. each of the following (bulk packed, added as testers): BL-76120-b, BL-76221-b & BL-76332-b, 3 pieces charging cables, 3 pcs. security cables. 2 units BL-77100 - Noje product refills (each refill includes 1 pc. each of each Wand: BL-76120, BL-76121, BL-76122, BL-76220, BL-76221, BL-76222, BL-76330, BL-76331 & BL-76332)