Blush products are designed with durability, safety and reliability in mind. However, sometimes things can go wrong. If this happens we are here to make things right. 

The Blush Novelties limited product warranty covers your product from defects. This warranty covers all electronics related defects. Each toy will have a warranty that relates to the materials and electronic it is made of. use the list below to see if your toy qualifies for warranty coverage. Qualified products are eligible for a one-time replacement of the original product purchased with the same value. However, misuse, improper storage or attempted repair, and sending in your claim without a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number will void your warranty. Water damage caused by improperly sealing battery compartment is not a valid warranty claim.

30 DAY WARRANTY: B Yours | Dr. Skin | Glow Dicks | Hard Steel | Hot Chocolate | Hung Rider | Loverboy | M for Men | Revel | Temptasia Pumps | Lush | Jet


90 DAY WARRANTY: Au Naturel | Exposed | Naturally Yours | Performance | Play With Me | Red Devil | Revive | Sexy Things | Silicone Willy | Splash | Stay Hard | The Collection | Vive | X5 | X5 Men | X5 Plus

1 YEAR WARRANTY: Hop | Noje | Performance Plus | Revive | Rose | Spark

5 YEAR WARRANTY: Aria | Avant | Luxe | Nude Impressions | Ohm | Real Nude | Serendipity | Vilain


1. Click Here to contact us to request your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and step-by-step instructions on how to return your product. You will be asked to include the RMA Number with your warranty claim. Failure to do so will void your warranty.

2. Click Here to print and fill out this return form and ship the product and along with this completed form to us.


What do I do when my product stops working?
Check the batteries. Check battery polarity. Most times, if the polarity is reversed product will either not work or will vibrate very weakly and will only vibrate with 1 speed. Alkaline batteries are highly recommended for maximum performance. Be sure contacts are not wet and/or corroded or loose. Be sure battery, cap/cover [if any] is closed tightly. (Note: for people that possess superhuman strength. Take it easy!)

What’s that little plastic sleeve inside my toy?

Products that come with a clear plastic sheet inside the battery compartment. There is an insulating sleeve that lines the inside the battery compartment of the product. DO NOT REMOVE! Removing this insulating sleeve short circuits your product and voids warranty.

How long will it take to process my claim?

We try to process claims as quickly as possible. Estimated time frame for your item to move through our replacement process is 3 weeks. It may take longer depending on claim.

What is not covered?

  1. Only products that have electronic components (products that are battery operated-- rechargeable are included) are covered by our warranty. The exception is our Avant and Real Nude collections, with these collections the warranty also covers non-electronic items.
  2. Damage caused by: 
    • battery corrosion
    • improper use
    • attempting to modify or repair product
    • submerging products that are not waterproof into water
    • lost or stolen products
    • acts of God
    • your dog ate it

Is the warranty valid in my country?

Currently, the countries our warranty is valid for are USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Can I claim warranty if I stepped on my toy or my dog ate my toy?

Nope! Warranty does not cover wear and tear, or damage caused by misuse, accident, neglect. Storing products made from the following materials: TPE, TPR and PVC together for an extended period causes the materials to “melt”. Do not store your products made with the above-mentioned materials allowing them to contact each other for an extended period of time. Any claims made with this condition is not a valid claim. Any attempt to repair product or its accessories voids warranty.

Can I get a refund, a store credit, or will you remove the charges from my credit card?

No. We are not the retailer. The transaction took place between you and the retailer. We only replace your item. We will not be able to provide a refund and will not be able to exchange for another product. The warranty is only valid for one replacement of current purchased product.

We want you to be happy with your product and will honor ALL VALID warranty claims. It is your responsibility to follow the warranty instructions. Failure to do so will void your claim.

Any questions regarding warranty please Click Here to contact us. Any attempts to contact company in any other way [calling company, social media messages, emailing to any other email address] will not resolve your warranty issues.

Please follow the steps carefully because we look forward to sending you your replacement item!


-Your Warranty Team